Wittgenstein & Women

International Conferences and Workshops

Wittgenstein & Women is an international conference and workshop series to support the research on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy by women, including anyone who does not exclusively identify as male.

The conference and workshop series aims to make Wittgenstein’s philosophy fruitful for feminist thought, but also more generally for current issues of epistemology, moral philosophy and ontology.

The workshops offer graduate students the opportunity to discuss their papers and work-in-progress in small groups, supervised by the featured keynote speakers.


CALL FOR WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS: Wittgenstein and the Concept of ‘Woman’ – Perspectives from Ordinary Language Philosophy, Art and History (23-24 March 2023, Complutense University Madrid)
Apply by October 15, 2022 through this form.

Download full call for paper

Upcoming publication: “Wittgenstein and Feminism”, ed. by Sandra Laugier, Mickaëlle Provost & Jasmin Trächtler (Nordic Wittgenstein Review, Special Issue, forthc. August 2022).

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International Conferences and Workshops


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